KMA Search Process

Initial Consultation

We meet or teleconference with stakeholders to determine the overall scope of the position, short and long term objectives as well as the technical skills and experience levels the position will demand. We learn about organizational structure, corporate philosophy and performance expectations. With growing companies we assist in defining job descriptions.

Search Strategy

We maintain regular contact with key decision makers on the customer’s team. The search plan is organized including a comprehensive job description and timelines set. On average a search will take 60 days from start to candidate start date.

Research and Networking

There are a number of resources our consultants will use during the search process. The company database contains contacts in many different industries, specific recruitment advertising may be required for some assignments and direct recruitment methods will be used where qualified candidates have been identified through research. All of these methods are used in the strictest of confidence. The client company name is not mentioned until a candidate has shown interest in discussing opportunities.

Candidate Selection

We do not send resumes we refer potential employees. Candidates are pre-screened to determine skill, experience and interest level and the most qualified are presented to decision makers. KMA consultants set up interviews and handle confirmations and follow-up with clients and candidates.

Reference Checks

Candidates are generally asked to provide three work related references. In cases where the client company prefers to handle references this information is passed to them. Otherwise KMA will use a behaviour based questioning style with each referee to build a profile of past performance and individual potential.

Negotiation and Acceptance

We recommend that offers of employment are made to candidates through KMA. This method provides a buffer between employer and employee until an offer is signed .We can help negotiate salary, benefits, start date or whatever is required.


We maintain contact with both client and candidate through transition period and during the guarantee period. We are available to both parties during that time to insure that the placement is successful.

* KMA is a contingency fee based company and all placements have a performance guarantee.