What do you do?

October 2, 20202 min read

My answer to that question, “I’m a recruiter” is generally greeted with a blank stare and so I follow up by saying, “a head hunter, I find people for jobs and jobs for people”. Then I get the obligatory “oh then you can find me a job”, followed by chuckles. The reality is most people don’t have any idea the…

Are there jobs out there?

September 30, 2020

The current health crisis has had an enormous impact on the job market and it isn’t surprising that some people might be discouraged and put off looking for opportunities until they perceive a change in the market. Not surprisingly I disagree with that approach. Now is the time to prepare and get in shape for a robust job search. This…

Tips and Insights Into The Job Market

September 24, 2020

I will be posting to this page with tips and insights into the job market and anecdotal stories from candidates and clients. Observations will be based on my experience in the employment and recruitment industry. Check back for updates to this page. 9/24/2020