Yoga, Mindfulness and is something burning?

The Great Pause has caused me to seize up. Sitting at my desk and on the phone for hours plus the closure of my gym (yes, I know it is open now but I haven’t gone back yet) has atrophied my muscles and I walk like a crab.

The need to be more flexible and less crab like has led me to on-line yoga and mindfulness classes. These are excellent and best of all mercifully short! Plus, I don’t have to leave my home/office so you know special outfits are a non issue.

The problem I have is how to clear my mind and concentrate on my breathing which is referenced a zillion times during these classes. I try, I really do but inevitably thoughts of the resume I should be working on or the sales call I should make leak into my consciousness and before you know it, I am out of warrior pose.

I strongly believe in being mindful, being present and acting not reacting but despite good intentions I will be halfway through an exercise and some thought or smell will come along and blow me off my tree pose.

The thing is we can’t give up. We have to keep breathing and focusing on the results we want whether it is to walk less crab like or find a new job or get a promotion or paint the bedroom. Whatever the task you have set yourself breath deeply and get started.