Happy International Women’s Day

When my mother became engaged to H.A. she was working as the executive secretary to the regional manager for the Eaton’s department stores. She was immediately given notice because married woman couldn’t work for Eaton’s.

Shortly after I was married, I went to Eaton’s to pay the balance on my credit card and to ask that my account be changed to my married name. The credit manager pulled out a pair of scissors and cut up my card telling me I would need my husbands’ permission to have a card. As we know Eaton’s is no more..coinky dink? I think not.

After a promotion to a significant role in the company I worked for I discovered that a male counterpart with less tenure and responsibility made about 10k more a year than I did. This was rectified when I explained the discrepancy to the company president and started a salary review of all management positions.

These things didn’t happen a hundred years ago and I think we would all agree the rights of women in the first world have improved significantly. However, we can’t be complacent or rights and respect will erode.

Happy International Women’s Day ! Remember all the shoulders we stand on!