Father’s Day

Thinking a lot about H.A. as Father’s Day approaches. Not just because he was a great Dad but because I wonder what he would make of the state of the world today. How would he, a man of faith, an honest and fair man who loved and supported his family, who believed in community service and lived up to his commitments’, cope with the hatred and vitriol we see and hear every day?

Accountability was important to H.A.. He believed if you took on a job you should take responsibility for doing the job. He would not approve of those who when questioned about their work blamed others or refused responsibility for lack of actions.

He would be horrified to hear the language used by some of the countries political leaders and supporters. The pitting of one against the other for no reason other than personal gain would have sickened him.

Some would say he was a man of his times and those times are long gone. We are not the better for it…