I have been pondering the idea of leadership for awhile now. It’s clear as we look around there is a dearth of inspirational leaders. But then again, am I too focused on leaders who inspire for good? Loads of individuals inspire hatred and division and lead by fear and chaos, they too are leaders no matter how offensive.

So, is leadership just a reflection of my values? I could not be inspired to discriminate or hate on behalf of someone who does not represent my moral code no matter how loudly they shouted and threatened.

In today’s society those who speak up in defense of the marginalized are considered too woke and their leadership dismissed. But are they any less credible than the individual with the bull horn yelling fire! Our political atmosphere has allowed for the most debasing and inflammatory language directed at those who would lead and we put up with it! That’s what is so shocking.

We are challenged in our search for leadership by the intrusion of social commentators whose sole purpose is to tarnish the image of anyone raising their head above the parapet. How do we find true leadership in this mucky environment?

It is difficult but I do think it starts with a look at ourselves and our beliefs, our moral code and then looking for people who inspire us to be better. Individuals blessed with the strength to handle the pressure and have the strength of their convictions and critically have the ability to make a decision in the best interests of those they lead.

I ask a lot I know but its not like anything depended on it just the future of our city, province, country ETC!