Tweets and Twits

It is in my nature to respond when questions or comments are made in my ear/eye shot. If you say “my back aches”, my assumption is that you want me to come up with a solution to make you feel better, weird right?

I remember years ago travelling with my son and my parents and wrestling with my father to get luggage on the trolley because in my world I always get the luggage whereas H.A. was in his world in charge of luggage.

This is all preamble to my issues with Twitter. I love the variety of conversations and you do learn things although you must consume with your critical thinking charged up. My problem is responding to posts. I cannot tell you how many times I have started stopped and deleted responses because why bother.

Recent hair on fire comments about the reduction in Covid restrictions has me grinding my teeth. It’s happening everywhere and the nays/yays are consistent in their commentary. The nays want us to be much more cautious, slow down on dropping restrictions, the yays are hoping to return to “normal” life.

Experts weigh in with confusing and often conflicting advise and politicians are vilified for making decisions which by the way is what we hired them to do.

Cue the storm of Twitter comments and my delete button is wearing out.