Enough, bloody enough!

HA would have been 97 on his birthday last week. The last two years of his life were a confusing time tainted by the dreaded dementia but luckily for us his personality never changed even when he couldn’t communicate verbally any longer.

The news of late would have astounded and saddened him beyond words. In his eulogy my son reminded us that “He had done so by living a life so consistently good and by positively impacting so many others lives that all I have to really do here is serve as a gentle reminder.”

A very dear friend of mine passed away last month at 98. She chose the music for her funeral service and one of the songs “Happiness” sung by Ken Dodd a British performer starts with ‘Happiness, I’ve had my share of happiness”. This from someone who lived through two world wars and lost a husband and son before their time.

The proliferation of hatred and divisiveness in the news and just about everywhere makes me wonder what became of “character”. When did we stop celebrating goodness and honesty, strength and bravery? How can we accept the viciousness in our daily lives without pushing back and pushing back hard?

Enough bloody well enough.