Over For Another Year..

How was your International Women’s Day? For most of us I suspect it wasn’t much different from most days although I do hope you took a minute to reflect on the status of women in the world. I am speaking of course to first world women and especially those of us living la dolce vita in Canada.

For most women in the world yesterday was spent trying to find food, water and security for their families and of course our sisters in the Ukraine had the additional burden of dodging explosions as they carried their children out of a war zone.

I can not scream loud enough, I can not cry more, I threaten and curse and rail against the insanity that is the war in Europe from the safety of my home. I wonder would I be brave enough to pickup a weapon, could I put my child/grandmother on my back and leave my home with just what I could carry?

I know my anger at the perpetrators of this atrocity fuels my revenge dreams but my impotency chokes me. My rage is consuming and it does no good what so ever.

If we truly want to celebrate International Women’s Day we have to make it real and that means bringing more women to power where the influence women can wield will change the world.