Glad All Over….

Have you ever tried and failed to bring someone around to your way of thinking on what could be described as deeply held personal reasons? No matter how passionately you explain your point of view, no matter how angry you get they resolutely refuse to accept and agree with you. It is beyond frustrating and can create cracks in other wise solid relationships.

This happened to me when I tried to convince “people” that the Beatles were far superior to the Dave Clark Five. I even wrote to our local newspaper to plead my case. This should not have been one iota of an issue but for the most recent appearance of the DC5 on the Ed Sullivan show. Yes, they were cute and yes, they were bouncy but come on there was no comparison.

It comforts me to know that I was right. Name one DC5 song, ok name two. I rest my case. Time can heal some wounds but circumstances, loss and age do the same thing. Which is why I was thinking how nice it would be, to be , Glad All Over.