Groundhog Day and other annoying things

The movie “Groundhog Day” was brilliant. The idea that having a do over would lead to positively changing your life was intoxicating. How often have I wanted a do over, more than I’m willing to admit. If I want to really torture myself, I lay awake at night chronicling my worst moments and wishing for that do over.

Watching the news and or reading social media lately makes a person want to “give their head a shake” at some of the statements made by people who forgot that do overs are only in the movies. Recently a friend of mine posted a comment on a social media site and was viciously attacked for having an opinion. When he tried to have a do over; well, it didn’t go well.

The last few weekends we have had overnight parking bans due to snow storms. The public is advised to get their cars off the street so plows can go through unimpeded. This doesn’t apparently apply to a young guy who lives across from me. Consistently leaves his car on the street to the annoyance of his neighbours. Enjoyed my coffee the other day watching him in shorts (?) trying to chip the ice away from his car.

Weather porn is the term I have assigned to the over eager forecasters who appear to revel in passing on terms designed to terrify the consumer. I like a straight forward forecast and have come to rely on a retired meteorologist who posts on social media. No hysteria, I like that.

Summing up, do overs are only in the movies so take a minute and think before speaking and or posting. Move your car off the street in snow storms and when following weather news pick a reliable narrator!