Noah’s Ark

I have been in the recruiting business for a long time. Did you ever wonder where Noah got his boat builders? I jest, but in truth I have seen the business evolve and grow becoming more professional and efficient while maintaining the basic principles of “finding jobs for people and people for jobs”.

There is an important lesson to learn in the recruiting business and it is “every candidate has value”. A good recruiter looks at a resume with an eye to qualifying not disqualifying. Maybe not for the job you are working right now but keep in mind for the future. Once you master that lesson it’s time to move onto “direct recruitment”. Where do you look for qualified candidates? And how do you approach successfully?

Recently I read a recruitment ad posted by one of the provincial health departments offering bonus dollars to citizens who could recommend qualified nurses. The ad went on to say that recruitment agencies need not apply.

The thing is recruitment agencies know where to look for candidates. In fact, after reading the ad I thought of three places this particular small province could recruit from but for whatever reason they are blocking the people/companies who actually do this for a living.

Go figure..