Heat Wave or This Will Be the Death of Me

I am not a summer person. One of my least favorite activities is going to the beach. Right up there with root canal and mammograms although in both of those cases I am in an air-conditioned room so worse.

The humidex is a measurement of torture designed to keep me in front of my fan all day. I don’t love it when people say “but winter is so long and it’s so nice to be outside in summer” blah blah. My son who was born in summer opines that one naturally prefers the season in which they were born so in my case “roll on Autumn”!

I also think and plan my life and business in quarters and for years October has been the start of my fiscal and personal year. I get quite excited wrapping up September and laying out plans for my fiscal/personal new year.

But for now, there is the “fourth quarter” and it looms large with expectation and skoveins, a term meaning nervousness, originating from my grandmother who was from the Mirimichi.

We need good decision making from our political leadership and coherent, consistent communication from people we are asked to trust. If we have that then we could successfully wrap up 2021.

So, despite the humidex being like a million I am looking ahead to a fully vaccinated new year albeit sitting in front of a fan.