George Carlin’s Stuff

I loved George Carlin. He was so ahead of his time in his comedy and yes, I know I’m dating myself but happy to be here!

Carlin had a whole bit on “Stuff” that resonated with me and probably influenced the way I live. I don’t have a lot of stuff and if I am in someone’s home where there is a lot of stuff, I can actually feel claustrophobic.

Carlin’s bit expands on how we deal with our stuff and how when we have too much stuff, we find more space for our stuff and then we fill that up and so on.

Stuff isn’t just material things, it’s also the clutter we carry around in our heads. Our brains are being overloaded daily with prognostications, opinion and my favorite, scaring the you know what out of people.

Time to give our heads a shake as my friend Heather used to say. Clear out some of that clutter. Have a real good spring clean and resolve to be more vigilant when consuming information and only keep the stuff you can trust. The stuff we keep should be important and meaningful.