Win or Lose It was ….


It is amazing the investment we put into our sports teams whether they are playing in national or international events. I admit to zero athletic ability, less than zero if I’m honest but I flew into the air arms raised when Sid the Kid scored the golden goal at the Olympics. I cheered and cried ‘we won” as if I could actually skate let alone play hockey.

When they win, we love them but when they lose, we start immediately to critique performance, coaches’ decisions and outcomes. I remember hearing the great Canadian figure skater Brian Orser who won the silver medal in 1988 describe it as losing the gold and saying he was sorry and it broke my heart.

It was a turning point for me. I admire effort and skill and I envy talent. I will cheer for a team putting it all on the field and I WILL slam the foul mouthed who are too dense to appreciate effort.

If you truly support the team then put some skin in the game and be there in the good times and keep your trap shut in the bad except to say thank you for your effort, thank you for your sacrifice so I may be entertained. Be disappointed, even frustrated but when the team runs by see how loudly you can yell Thank you!!