“Why am I not getting a job?”

I receive unsolicited emails and resumes from potential candidates almost every day. I welcome them because in my business being able to add resumes to the data base is always a good thing. However, every once and a while I will get an email that is all anger and bitterness because the writer has not been able to find a job. They are not singling my company out just expressing frustration that their worth is not being recognized.

Sometimes I can give suggestions about their resume and or cover letter but other times the situation is more complex. Successful job search is not accomplished by sending your resume every where for every job you see advertised. I know that there is a level of panic that sets in with each rejection but it is so important to try and focus your search where you can provide value.

Don’t over or under sell yourself it will only create issues if and when you get an interview. Cover letters can be particularly effective in pointing the reader to the value you can provide.

For example, if the position requires someone with a track record of success in sales put that in your letter. “You will note in my resume that I was responsible for a100% increase in sales from existing customers and brought in an additional 60 new clients in the second quarter”.

You get my point. Cover letters help, good resumes help, research helps but the hard truth is that despite all that, it is the market that determines success. Job searchers need patience and realistic expectations. Now is not the time to overload your profile with every business buzz word or phrase. Take another look at your documentation and make sure it is direct and understandable. See if you can eliminate at least one “strategic”.

Keep your social media posts positive and non confrontational. Now is not the time to pledge your political affiliation or chastise people who disagree with you. LinkedIn is a great resource and should be regularly refreshed and updated.

2020 is an aberration but the rules of job search still apply!