For the Hiring Managers!

The first posts to the blog have focused on candidates and job search preparedness but today I’m changing things up a bit by addressing screeners, gate keepers and hiring managers.

Screening resumes for a particular position does require some skill. Many companies use a search function to shortlist candidates and that can be effective but you miss a lot looking for perfect. Gatekeepers are generally face to face with candidates but today they may be more likely to take a call or have an initial zoom meeting with potential candidates. Both roles should be well briefed on open positions and department goals so they don’t miss the potential in a candidate.

Excellent candidates slip by because the screener can not match resume to specific requirements laid out in the job description. I recently interviewed a candidate with a very heavy science background, some sales experience and an absolute passion to sell. Gatekeepers who know what the company plans might take a leap and shortlist her, many wouldn’t.

Hiring managers should not work with more than 2-3 pre screened, qualified candidates. Any more and someone hasn’t done their job. The first question is already answered before the interview starts. “Can you do the job” is covered in pre screening for skills and experience.

The more important question “Will you do the job” is more complex. Will your workplace provide the environment for success, is management up to the challenge to mentor this candidate for success and how do you guarantee all of that? And then there is “chemistry”. The hiring manager has to relate to the candidate and see them as an essential member of the team.

None of this is easy however not making a decision when all of your ducks as it were, are in a row stalls the process and can lose you a valuable candidate. If pre-screening has ticked all their boxes, if the gatekeepers have dug deep and are satisfied and if references support their recommendations and you the hiring manager find a candidate you can work with, then make the decision. Trust your process and your experience.

By the way when you use an experienced recruiter like me the process is streamlined and you get to interview candidates you may not have been able to source and all of the ground work has been done. And the recruiter guarantees their work. Win Win!