Interview Prep 102

Interview prep 101 is practising answering questions about your work history, accomplishments and goals.  

Interview prep 102 is practising the questions you ask of the interviewer. This is an often over looked part of the process but can set you apart from your competition. If you have done your due diligence and researched the company, interviewer etc. you should have developed a good understanding of the organization. However, there are always areas where you may want to dig a bit deeper.

Important to use your common sense and ask applicable questions of the interviewer and not for instance ask the Manager of HR to describe intricacies of the newest technology. It would be appropriate to ask about the hiring process and the next steps if you are successful in moving on.

When you are in an interview with the decision maker/makers you may be asked, “do you have any questions for me/us?”.

This is where you can show you have done your research and ask one or two salient questions relating to the organization. Nothing too laborious or technical but questions with some depth. Stay away from personnel issues IE “how many times have you replaced this position?” Focus on success related topics IE “What do you see as key to the growth of this market?”

It is important to know when to say thank you and finish up with a statement “This has been so interesting and confirms for me that KMA is a company where I can contribute to the success of the organization. I look forward to hearing about next steps.”

Preparation and planning are key to success when going through the interview process and while the process may be different during current restrictions, more video/zoom interviews than in person meetings the basics don’t change.

Some Questions Not to Ask:

How do I get your job?

What time is lunch?

Can I get an advance on my first pay check?