“You Guys”

I admit to being a grammar grouch. You can turn me off pretty quickly If I have advertised a position with a six-figure remuneration and you call saying “I seen your ad”. Or another favorite “are you guys hiring?”

No excuse for either but let’s start with “you guys”. I hear it all the time in so many situations and it is never appropriate and is always unnecessary. If you have done your due diligence before calling a business then you already have a script ready to get to a decision maker and opening with “you guys” will torpedo your call. I know some people won’t find it offensive but it is sloppy and lazy and, in this climate, you need to step up your game to be competitive.

Anytime you are about to use the phrase stop for a second and recognise that simply dropping the “guys” will sound a hundred times more professional. “Can you tell me if you are hiring?” How are you today?”. Or “Can I get you something to eat/drink etc.?” Last one is personal and something I wish restaurants would adopt as policy!

As for ‘I seen.”  it is incorrect and ungrammatical and simply wrong, wrong, wrong.

There are other examples of grammatical errors but I also review resumes every day and I cannot tell you how many “mangers” I see. Not a grammatical error but something that slips by when people don’t properly proof read their documents.

I also have a difficulty when a candidate starts every sentence with “so” before completing their answer. You can overcome these things with preparation and practise. Essential if you want to set yourself apart from other candidates.

The whole point is to present yourself in the best possible light whether it is an interview or a sales call.