Why is everyone so angry??

It will come as no surprise to regular readers to note that I have little patience for, well a lot of things really. I do however try to keep my emotions in check unlike many commentators. I find it surprising and uncomfortable to be in situations where a question or comment will attract a near hysterical response.

Cable TV, Twitter and the House of Commons are good examples of this phenomena. You can’t say anything without people getting their knickers in a twist. Hyping situations to elicit the most radical commentary does nothing to solve problems. All it does is stall the discussion while everyone runs around with their hair on fire and gives cover to the instigator who has nothing else to offer.

I’m no Pollyanna, Gen Z’s look that up but if I ask a question especially of an elected official my expectation is a thoughtful response not accusations of unfairness. Recent experiences have made me despair of those who govern and don’t get me started on the House of Commons.