Martha &Harrison

With all of the commentary lately about gender identity and diversity the story of Martha Stewart and Harrison Ford kind of slid under the radar.

Gorgeous photos of Martha on the cover of SI were criticized for the crime of promoting an 80-year-old woman as attractive, even sexy. Alternatively, Harrison was lauded for his recent performance as Indiana Jones with reference made to his still virile 80-year-old body.

Last week I listened to an interview with I can only assume a young woman who begrudgingly agreed Martha looked great but she said with her money and ability she could adopt a healthier life style than the rest of us mortals. Obviously, she couldn’t hear me shouting at the radio, “you mean the lifestyle brand she built from a catering company in her basement?”

Whether you admire Martha and or adore the laconic acting style of Harrison surely, we can agree that the days of marginalizing and dismissing women and their accomplishments should be in the past.

Before you comment, I checked and it is 2023.