Where Is My Tin Hat?

There is much to worry about these days. Listening to the news can send one into a funk or a bunker. It is hard not to dwell on the worst-case scenario and be overwhelmed. The “people of positivity” encourage staying in the moment in order to keep from screaming. Very good advice, difficult to follow.

Remember the question so often asked in an interview, “where do you want to be in five/ten years time?”. Is “still breathing” a good answer?

H.A. was the complete optimist, Phyllis was the opposite, a pessimist. I remember her telling me once that she had worked herself up about something and had woken H.A. up to tell him her worries. His response was to say “if you can tell me what good it will do for me to sit here and worry about something I have no control over, I will stay up and worry with you”.

Pleased to report she didn’t murder him and their marriage continued for many happy years.

H.A. was right, worry is not productive but that doesn’t mean you should blinker yourself to what is happening in your world and being pro-active in planning for the things you can control.

Be aware of changes in the job market, update your resume, stay connected and get a good night’s sleep.