Good Night, Irene

The big lesson children is that this is a very short ride, learn from the bumps.

I’ve had a challenging couple of months. Not bombs falling on my house or losing a loved one challenging nevertheless I have been challenged by a period of poor health. On top of a Covid diagnosis and follow-on bronchitis I had a bad fall that literally rocked my world. And it was the fall that has caused me the most difficulty.

On the way down I hit my head and unlike in the cartoons I didn’t see stars instead everything went white, just for a second but wow talk about scary. My injury list is long but was mostly soft tissue, strains and bruising and while painful is gradually healing.

This happened in the day following the hurricane and we were powerless and in the words of my niece it was “foot black”. My son who is very much a left brain OS came to help but spent an inordinate amount time trying to discover how the fall happened.

This is all preamble to my realization of how close I came to a permanent lights out. A very humbling experience. Moving forward I plan on being kind to myself and to those around me. Listen more and walk a little every day.