What do you do?

My answer to that question, “I’m a recruiter” is generally greeted with a blank stare and so I follow up by saying, “a head hunter, I find people for jobs and jobs for people”. Then I get the obligatory “oh then you can find me a job”, followed by chuckles.

The reality is most people don’t have any idea the value a recruiter can bring to their job search. Candidates who work with a recruitment company can rely on confidential handling of their information. KMA pledges to not discuss a candidate with a client without clearing it with the candidate first. There is no cost to registering your resume with a recruiter and it will only broaden your job search results. Plus, this is what we do so we have a level of expertise you can’t get from your sister’s best friends’ brother who knows someone at ABC Company!

Client companies have evolved and generally recognize the expertise an outside recruiter can bring to their search. Companies accustomed to hiring specialized contractors to handle certain aspects of their business recognize a recruiter is no different. The cost of a recruitment handled internally could double the cost of finding the right candidate and yield half of the qualified candidates available for a position. A recruiter on the other hand has a data base of candidates and the ability to directly approach potential candidates in complete confidence. As for cost KMA is a contingency fee-based company, you only pay for results.

Low risk relationship with the potential for significant benefit.