Are there jobs out there?

The current health crisis has had an enormous impact on the job market and it isn’t surprising that some people might be discouraged and put off looking for opportunities until they perceive a change in the market.

Not surprisingly I disagree with that approach. Now is the time to prepare and get in shape for a robust job search. This will take some time, research and exercise. I’m not kidding being in good physical shape will go along way to improving your chances of success.

Start with making sure your resume is up to date and professional, mixing your chronological history with the functional accomplishments you achieved. Have a cover letter that says clearly why you are applying to said job and what you can bring to the position.

Research the industries you are interested in and the companies doing business in your preferred area. Start making calls and try to speak to people who can give you a sense of the go forward plans of the organization.

Keep track of your activity and take the wins, a returned call or email may not be a job offer but it is an accomplishment. I will have more on this in future posts. In the meantime get up and go for a walk!