Terminated, Fired, “Departed”

One of these things is not the same as the other and the difference children is significant. The recent and disturbing news that a high-profile media personality had “departed” left out the fired, terminated bit.

Not knowing the internal workings of the organization, I can’t comment on the circumstances but what I can say is what a public relations disaster. Definitely a “what were they thinking” moment. The news business is under siege and if the intention is to attract a younger demographic you better stick with a strong twitter and Instagram profile.

Let’s say you are a 30-year-old woman in what you hope will be a career position. You work hard and sacrifice to build your resume. Feeling pretty confident that you have a strong future ahead of you and then you open Twitter and its all a twitter about a strong accomplished woman who has been summarily terminated.

Canada’s latest population figures show that woman outnumber men,51% to 49% and we are paying attention.