Christmas Letters

My sister does a Christmas letter every year and while designed for friends and relatives living far away it is entertaining for those who see her regularly too. Generally, she outlines the ups and downs of the year but sticks to positive highlights as much as possible. After the last two years we all appreciate her reminding us of the good things that happened.

In the recruiting business a good thing is a search order and excellent thing is the placement of a candidate. Working with a variety of decision makers over the years I can tell pretty quickly if I’m dealing with a pro or if recruitment and hiring is very much a B or C function of their job.

This is particularly problematic in the climate today. Candidates are scarcer for many reasons and those that are putting themselves in the market are choosy about where they want to work. It means that the hiring managers have to be on the ball and at the very least trained to do a proper interview and deliver timely follow-up.

My Christmas letter is directed at the HR and hiring managers out there. Please be advised there has been a seismic shift and you need to up your game. Rather than a hiring strategy designed to eliminate candidates, adopt a strategy that will allow you to see the potential in each candidate.

Better yet engage a recruitment firm with experienced consultants who can guide you to a successful hire!

Happy Holidays!