Mojo and the Loss Thereof

There are several definitions of “Mojo” depending on which resource you use. Personally, I like the Cambridge dictionary:

       “a quality that attracts people to you and makes you successful and full of energy

Regardless the source many of us feel we have lost it, our mojo. It may not be a diagnosable illness but it is real and it affects everything. The loss of said mojo makes us tired and sad, impotent in the non sexual sense although that too.

The thing is, it’s okay to say you are not doing well, that you are struggling, that life has changed so dramatically you can’t keep up. Not easy, scary even but necessary if you want to get your mojo back because that’s where it starts. Ask for help, offer help, be a friend, be a mentor just be.

A few years ago when I was really struggling a good friend left a note for me on which she wrote “life is hard by the yard but a cinch by the inch”. There are many such inspirational quotes to help you get on track but this one helps me because it reminds me of the writer a woman who overcame cancer 4 times, endured the loss of one child and the life long disability of another but who never lost her mojo.