Is Your Privilege Showing?

The Great Pause has placed many restrictions on us and at the same time created so many experts it is challenging to navigate a safe course. I know when I hear people chastising the general public (you know them not moi) for behaviors they deem not essential I think perhaps their slip (privilege)is showing.

I think it is terrific to see volunteers come forward to assist in testing, data collection and the like, good on you I say! However, passing judgement is a slippery slope, judge not lest you be judged as Matthew said. And maybe it is me. Maybe I get my news and opinion from sources who don’t for what ever reason try and understand the paralyzing fear some people face every day just getting through. Or the pain, the physical torture of just getting out of bed. Or making that first ever trip to the food bank. Or answering questions from five-year old’s, can we see corona?

We are all tired and frustrated and yes angry sometimes but check and make sure your slip isn’t showing.


Looking forward to comments asking “what is a slip? ”…