Some People Say…

When I hear this from a reporter, I wonder how many people are some? Who are these some people? Are they qualified; do they have the relevant experience to comment? Or are they as I suspect the typical “man/woman” in the street who is offering opinion without any basis in fact.

Not that there is anything wrong with that but I for one would like to know up front who “some” are and how did they come by their opinion. If what you are reporting is anecdotal information shouldn’t that be made clear?

I do appreciate that starting your commentary with “I was talking to a couple of people at the grocery store and one of them said her brother had heard from his friend in Ontario that…” would not have the same impact but it would be closer to the truth.

With so many “news” sources available to us we, the consumer must be vigilant. If you decide to accept as fact what “some “people say versus an expert in the field then you may be risking your life and or livelihood.

There is nothing wrong with drilling down on the information we consume. Even asking that reporters cite their sources. In fact, that is quickly becoming my favourite response in any lively discussion, cite your source! I have no problem listening to “some people” on a myriad of issues but when it comes to my health and welfare, I want an expert opinion.