I’m very suspicious of slogans adopted by protest groups. I always fear they have been gamed out by marketing teams rather than the heartfelt sentiments of the individuals involved.

“Make love not war” comes to mind as a wrong-headed slogan that caused many problems and didn’t do much to influence decision makers. Rather it branded anti war protesters as ill informed and not serious. Fun though. (wink emoji)

Right now, we are seeing a proliferation of slogans and speech, both written and spoken is being monitored at a level that has never been seen here in the free and democratic west. The right to an opinion is becoming controversial which is astounding and a bit frightening. Of course, there are opinions out there that are dangerous and should be if not censored at least provided with a warning.

How do we revert to civil discourse, how do we listen again? Well, I have a suggestion. Let’s start with what I learned as The Golden Rule. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Simple and concise, we can change out the “unto’s if need be but I like the rhythm of the original.

In my business being known as a recruiter who treats candidates with respect, follows up and is honest is critical. You can not build relationships without following that one simple but oh so powerful rule.

Thus, endeth the lesson..