The Great Pause

Much will be written about the last 12 months. There will be the inevitable recriminations, finger pointing and some celebration but from me you just get, I can’t frigging believe it happened.

Right from the beginning I was over whelmed with disbelief and of course the lock downs nearly drove me mad but not for the reasons you might think. My granddaughter’s birthday party was cancelled and for that I could have committed murder.

I lost a friend during this time. Covid took him down in less than a month leaving his wife and everyone who knew him devastated. He was an optimistic and joyful person by all accounts and would I think be searching for something to be grateful for and so despite my ongoing anger..

I am forever grateful to all those talented scientists who in the face of uninformed and ridiculous attacks worked away to create not one, not two but more than four viable vaccines. I am grateful for the extraordinary effort put forth by the business community to try and keep people working. How about Stanfield’s making PPE like they have been doing it all their lives? Restaurants and food service reinvented themselves every five minutes to accommodate the whims of the powers that be and some survived.

I am very grateful we have learned we can’t stack the aged and infirm in facilities not constructed to offer safety and wellness. I am grateful that long term care staff are being recognized and might be compensated appropriately.

And I know this isn’t over but I do feel some optimism and best of all my granddaughter can have her birthday party this month.