Not Naturally an Optimist

I would like to be one of those sunny, optimistic people, who by the way are unfailingly annoying, but I’m not. It’s a struggle to “put on a happy face” some days but when you are in sales you won’t get anywhere if you don’t project optimism. One of the unforeseen repercussions of the Great Pause is that optimists are now struggling to put something positive out there.

I love love watching Bill Gates being interviewed. He projects an excellent balance between optimism and pessimism. On one hand, vaccines will save us and on the other, the earth is burning up. But Bill always has a plan and his enthusiasm and “we can do this” attitude can be inspiring and ignite my tiny match girl flame. Plus, I am always entertained by the second he realizes he has been flailing his arms around and tucks his hands in his arm pits only to have them come flying out seconds later.

As a recruiter I am often confronted by candidates with concerns they will be rejected for a position because they are too old or too young, a man not a woman, too experienced, not enough experience etcetera. My response is emphatically optimistic. Recognise your value and what you can bring to the opportunity and let that guide your presentation. Be optimistic and prepare to be the best candidate.

Besides being a pessimist is exhausting and equally annoying to have to listen to.