Let’s Make a List

Whether it is for a job search, grocery or Christmas shopping we can all benefit from making a list. It keeps you on track and it does provide satisfaction when you can check off a completed task. A list however is just a list until you set out priorities.

Years ago, my son wrote a letter to Santa where he provided a legend to accompany his list that said one star was something he would like to have, two stars meant something he would really like and three stars meant he really, really wanted it. Very helpful as it turned out.

Tracking daily activity and setting goals will help keep you motivated. Make sure each day has time for follow-up as well. When you send a resume, have a meeting or interview plan and note a time to follow up. A week to ten days and if a date wasn’t specified you should follow up.

Last thing you ask in an interview is “what are next steps” and when might you hear from them and make a note of it. Leaving it all to chance will be disappointing and frustrating.

Recruiters need candidates and so should debrief with you after an interview and keep you updated on process and if they don’t ask! Ultimately this is your job search so use everything you have.

Prioritize your day and don’t forget to take time to exercise and do other things to give your head a rest.